Room 6

room 6 mushroom rehearsal studios
mushroom rehearsal studios room 6

Room 6, our LARGEST rehearsal room comes with a 24 channel desk , and front of house full range RCF speakers as standard. This is a 34'x23' (thats around 700sq ft) acoustically treated room with a an ample 23'x16'x3' solid floor stage area.

Room 6 is ONLY £47 for a Four hour session.

We think you'll find this room matches some of the best London rehearsal studios with the added benefits of -

No Congestion Charge

Free Parking

Easy Loading

Rural Location


Any extra PA or backline requirements can be made available to you by prior arrangement.

This is also a great room for video and Photo shoots.

This room is very popular with bands such as SPRINGSTEEN UK, THE BRACKNALL THE QUO EXPERIENCE, THECITYISOURS and the band


Room 6 is also the venue for our monthly live music event SHROOMS NIGHT. The room is currently being revamped ready for its grand reveal in September 2019