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Mushroom is open 7 Days and 6 Nights a week

All sessions are 4 hours duration

Evening sessions Mon – Fri 7pm til 11pm

Saturdays we open for two sessions - 10am til 2pm and 1pm til 5pm (NO EVENING SESSION ON SATURDAYS) Sundays we open for three sessions - 10am til 2pm , 2.30pm til 6.30 pm, 7pm til 11pm

For touring bands and bands that require rehearsal periods over days, weeks or months we offer a ‘lock in’ service with a dedicated room for the duration of your stay.

Weekday daytime bookings can also be arranged. Please call 07833104822 to discuss your requirements or email us mail at:

 07833 104 822

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Mushroom rehearsal studios hall way


to avoid being charged a cancellation fee ensure you contact us by phone, text or email ahead of your rehearsal. Cancellations received within 48 hours of your booking will incur a cancellation fee of the price of the room. (fee does not include backline hired)

Mushroom rehearsal studio marshall mode 4 JCM 900

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